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10:45 a.m. - 2021-02-22
assigned vehicle
Monday again and I get this email from my head supervisor to stop complaining about vehicle assignments and to refuel at the end of my shift. Eric and I have been complaining for several months, though I haven't said anything directly to the dispatchers..only complaining to my coworkers so not sure why they are bringing it up now. I just answered out of concern to my clients who have problems with certain vehicles and concern for their safety, then made a joke about when I use to dispatch aircraft. You can always smooth things over bringing safety into focus. Anyway, she seemed cool with that.
I'm trying not to let work bring me down so much. Last week they started giving out pins to certain employees who drank the Kool Aid with our company logo and the words "Covid vaccinated", like some quality assurance stamp you'd place on meat. Just another way to divide everybody!
I had a bad dream about Trina yesterday. So I went for a hike in the wood up by San Simeon, chatted with Jen about it since she was also in that dream as a helper to me. Not too many people on that hike, about half and half with their face diapers. Since a campground is connected to the trail there are many tourist walking it. One old couple approached me on the trail and the woman stopped, twisted herself to the ground covering her masked face as I walked by! REally?? Just stay fucking home if your that scared!
I made my way to the beach and you know I think this is probably my most favorite beach in our county now. Very few people out there. This beach is heavy with driftwood, moonstones and beach glass so there is a lot of fun things to find. I walked way out toward some large rocks and just sat there watching the tide. I felt compelled to do the Oponopono and some release work being triggered by my dream of Trina. I did this over and over, even writing it in the sand until at one point I actually smelled roses in the sea breeze! I figured it to be a sign I've done my work and hope that it is well released with love.
I need to get ready for work now.. :-(



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