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11:09 p.m. - 2021-02-10
zoom away
Wish it was Friday and I was just starting my period..I'm tired of the build up!
Yesturday at work Francine sent me a text out of the blue warning me that one of our co-workers is on "the rampage" and to keep guard, then to tell Humberto to get in touch with her. WTF?? Who the fuck does she think I am??? She shuns me for having had Covid a few weeks ago, seeing how clearly upset she made me, doesn't say a word about her stupid Christmas gift I gave her, but then sends me this ridiculous text!! I did not reply, you know the same thing she has done to me in the past over and over again..just no reply. She thinks she can draw me back in by telling me something she thinks might upset me, and to be like all on my side. Forget's not going to work. So she told Casandra that she has texted me sort of picking her brain as to why I did not respond. Then she shows up at our break room early to eat her lunch! Eric warned me she was inside so I drove away. One of the supervisors that I always got along with is now mask Nazi and she told us she just got out of a meeting and the company decided we are to wear our mask the entire time we are at work, even when we are alone. She walked all the way out to Eric who was exercising, walking along the paremitor of our yard and warned him to keep his mask on! Then she told me because I pulled into the yard alone with my mask off that we will first get a warning, then next we will get written up!
What's next..are they going to start following us into the bathrooms to make sure we pee with our face diapers on???
Then yesterday was the first zoom class of Energy Body mastery..a course I took about 4 years ago which is basically on meditation, grounding and good energy hygiene. I really enjoyed the Chi gong and want to learn more about it so I can do it everyday. Anyway, I played the first 15 minutes of the zoom class and the entire time the two instructors were on a rant about BLM, inclusivity, and how white people need to pay retribution to blacks and native Americans for the injustices we served them! I just wanted an in depth course on grounding, and meditation not a political harangue!!! So I'm dropping the course, that was just bullshit. I'm trying to decide if it's worth me letting them know I'm dropping out and for what reason. I know I need to practice speaking my truth, but at the same time is it worth a fight? I really don't want to get into a debate esp. over politics or things that most likely will not be resolved.
Anyway, I'm really feeling like I need a road trip, but not sure where to. I just want to get away but every place is closed and I'm tired of seeing the world so paranoid. Michelle TG messaged me about doing a camping trip on Figueroa mountain. We can go mushrooming too, so I'd like to plan that. I feel like I need to take more days off from work just to cope. I'm getting really burnt out on all the restrictions and how they have been coming down on us lately. Plus all the other insecurities with a few trouble maker co-workers.



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