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11:30 p.m. - 2021-02-02
Well today was sort of sad...the dialysis patient I use to pick up and drop off passed. I wrote about him several times in previous entries. He was the one who couldn't control his electric scooter and kept getting stuck on the ramp or lift. Once he nearly flipped it off the side of the ramp and I caught him..screamed for help from a nurse because it took two of us to right him. Then toward the end he'd start throwing up on the ride back to his care facility after his dialysis treatment. He was always a good guy, and told me he never took any time off from work when he worked in the oil fields. Eric got really close to him which was cool. Eric is a black weight lifter with braids..heavy testosterone but I like him. He use to play classic rock for Martin as he'd sing along on the rides. Then he even bought him a SF Giants baseball cap because his other cap was worn out.
Last month before I got Covid I went to pick Martin up from dialysis and saw the ambulance as I arrived. The staff rudely told me I'd not be picking him up today, and I watched them carry him out of the clinic on a stretcher.
My coworkers and I would always talk about him having worked his ass off all his life and it just devastated his body. Then the family put him into this gross care home which he complained about the nurses all the time. We couldn't understand how he could work so hard for so long to be placed in such a cheap facility, well actually it was a house in a neighborhood with a few nurses who looked after people. It just seems like he'd of had a better pension or something to afford a nicer place.
Anyway, it's weird because his obituary photo looks like how I'd imagined him in his younger years.

In other news..haven't run into Francine yet but she may end up my way tomorrow so I'll try my best to avoid her. I had another long chat with J the other night. She's so obsessed with this other person who is totally fucking with her. It's so obvious to me, but like me in my past when I'm infatuated with someone I'm partially blind to, or deny any red flags or wrong doings until I just reach my limit. Doesn't matter so much what others say, I have to learn the lesson myself. I just don't want to see her hurt and give up on love.



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