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12:04 a.m. - 2021-01-17
sick days
Well it's been about a week since I caught this stupid virus. It's mostly bothering my hearing now. It's like when the silence is so loud it pierces your ears.. or a morning after a loud concert the night before. I still get vertigo and dizzy spells, a little nausea here and there. Just when I feel my energy is on the upswing I'll get overcome by a deep tired spell and have to lay down again..but can't sleep. Oh and of course I get my period today and it's the painful kind...ugh!
J surprised me and messaged me this morning asking how I was feeling. We chatted for a long time today, me mostly giving her shoulder to lean into over this potential love triangle she might have gotten into. I'm trying to advise her without sounding preachy, I just want her to be confident enough to walk away on her terms and not do it as cowardly as I have in the past. I'm just so grateful she trust me enough to share her situation with me, that means a lot to me.
Now my stomach is acting up..I can't tell if I'm hungry or feeling sick.
I've been feeling nostalgic again which usually means I'm craving comfort and security. Maybe I'll watch some old movies..



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