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12:44 p.m. - 2021-01-14
Well my Covid test results came back the other night and now I'm a reluctant participant in this worldwide event. I'm not supposed to go back to work until after the 18th, and only if I feel better. The health department now does not recommend a second test because they say people keep testing positive for months after they've had it.
HR just phoned this morning to tell me the county just approved us as frontline workers and a priority to vaccinate since we transport the elderly, and sick people back and forth to their doctors. A lot of new cases been showing up at work too.
It's funny because I exposed my opps director and a few others during that stupid pointless investigative meeting they had on me!
Francine still has made no attempt to contact me which pisses me off but I really just don't care anymore. I figure also our guides kept us apart because I would have gotten her sick last week. Although we did hug once but I kept my mask on, she didn't.
I chatted for a long while with J the other day. She is so obsessed with that other woman who keeps gaslighting her and standing her up. Like she can't let go because she put so much effort into trying to build trust through and intimate friendship and hoping it blossom into something else. Geez, like I've never tried that before! She said she was interested in coming down this weekend to take a break and have some fun, but she had other plans and now I have the have to wait on that awhile.
I feel really nauseous today , sort of dizzy, sneezing a lot and general malaise.
Think I'm gonna see if I can find some ginger tea, then get back into reading.



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