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11:47 p.m. - 2021-01-11
Sick leave
One thing I'm proud about is for the past few weeks I've been able to fall asleep without help from any sleeping pills (except one night) and hoping I can do the same tonight. I started a new routine of meditating in bed until I get tired enough to fall asleep, or start nodding off in the middle of it. Even if I do it for an hour or two I count that toward sleep so whether or not I was awake or halfway in and out of it, I was still in a deep rest.
I've been getting better at "clairaudio" since I've been doing it. Sometimes I hear entire sentences like the other night "you need to focus on finding patterns in your life", but most often I hear my own name. A month or so ago it was my grandmother's voice. Last night it was a woman's voice calling me that I did not recognize.
Today I went in for my Covid test since I've been a bit under the weather with this little cold. Work won't clear me to come back until I get a negative result. Honestly I don't care what the result it, I'm enjoying my extra sick leave..getting a bunch of stuff done around the house and a lot of books read!
They must be hurting at work because my co-worker Eric is off until he gets his negative test back. He took his today also as his son tested positive.
I have a bit of a headache tonight, not sure how sleep is going to come on. Shoot a loud firework just went off outside maybe a few blocks away! How annoying..please don't let it happen again tonight!



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