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9:43 p.m. - 2020-11-05
Dreams and foot pain
I've been so tired this week..I don't know why it takes me so long to adjust to time changes. I wish we'd stop this changing of the clocks nonsense, esp. since we already voted to end it here!
I had prayed this week for a new connection, someone to help me through this phase of my life a bit, and just that feeling of being connected to another human in the flesh. So instead of getting exactly that, I've been recieving it all in dreams.
The night before last I dreamt of an old friend of mine from the UK. In the dream she came to visit me, and was ill or something and really was asking for my help. So I was helping her in my dream and it felt really good. Then after that dream I had another dream of this one girl I was sort of interested in from my recent island trip, but to reserved to come out of my shell to attempt to know her. I felt she was like me in that way, and was really put off by it. But in my dream we were at some sort of festival together and I was naked! So she got undressed (because it was part of the festival) and put on this camouflage diaper thing saying "I got this", then put her arm around me and we walked off. This sounds so ridiculous! But for some reason in the dream it all made sense and I felt this powerful feeling of connection with her.
So then this morning my dream was I was visiting some woman I think maybe in Fresno. Her and her boyfriend or partner (I wasn't sure) had some sort of business inventing really cool things. She took me to some convention for magical inventors. There was like some object that kept floating and tapping me, and when I turned around there was this Asian man who apologized for moving the object with his mind. Then there were all this other odd magical things going on people were showing each other at this convention. The woman who brought me there was busy, but made some time to come back and talk to me, then we made some plans to get together later.
I'm meeting all these people and making new connections (strange ones) in my dreams but I'd really like for it to happen in real life!
Yesterday morning I got some message from a woman in one of my Meetup groups who lives in Sacramento. She was saying how much she loves my area, and we chatted a bit until she stopped talking. That was weird...not sure why she even started a conversation with me..
Went to the podiatrist yesterday and got good and bad news...good news is that my big toe pain will go away as soon as the nail grows out. The bad news is the barefoot pain I have is a neuroma that won't go away and will most likely eventually lead to surgery. He said it's a common simple one to just snip out the nerve that is causing the pain.
I'm trying hard not to make whatever is going on with the elections part of my reality. Actually it isn't at all until I take a peek, or hear something on the news. I like it better that way.



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