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11:12 p.m. - 2020-10-28
cancer walk
So I brought the car in this morning and it took most of the day until they'd get back to me about the results of the $200 diagnostics they charged me for.
Sal gave me a lift to work and Francine texted me asking if I could meet her for coffee before she got to the yard to do the evening route A. I told her I don't know my schedule yet, but asked if she'd give me a lift home in the support car on her way back to the main yard. Silence..I knew she didn't know how to respond because she doesn't want to do anything without permission.
After I got to the yard my operations manager and a supervisor were there standing in front of a table full of trinkets, talking to some women I did not know. Oh, I remembered it was this cancer walk day and my Ops manager asked if I wanted to walk a mile with him. Of course! Any excuse to get some exercise! We had a nice talk and I asked him if it be ok if Fran gave me a ride home, and he said of course.
Ops man and I met up with another driver..Tracy and we got her to walk with us. I like her a lot, and really I didn't notice I was the only white girl in our cancer parade until she had to start up on her BLM stuff and making "Karen" jokes. I told her I don't find the humor in them, and I don't like it. I hope my Ops guy (who's Jamaican) heard me.
Anyway, Fran arrived and us women drivers sat in our break area talking about health issues. Fran said she didn't want to do the walk because she does not support how the medical establishment treats cancer. I totally agree with her, didn't really think that was the reason we were all walking but now I get it. I told her I just wanted the exercise.
The dealership finnally called back and told me most of the problems I had were quick and easy fixes, but the main one was my motor and transmission mounts are worn, and somehow he tried to explain that was the reason for the throttle sometimes not kicking in for me. The total in damages added up to $1,500! Both Bev and Fran tried to convince me to take it for a second opinion and that they are trying to rip me off because I'm a woman. I spoke to Sal about it and he said to just have them do the work and ask what kind of guarantee they'll have for me if the throttle problem returns. He seems to think those days of cheating women are done, and that a dealership who specializes in my Italian car knows best. I hope he's right, but I do think it's odd that I have not had any sort of vibrations, or jerks common to loose engine mounts. I just don't want it to be like the plane..we went through and pretty much replaced the entire electrical system with the no electrical when the outside temperature was in the 30's. Then the very last thing we replaced..the voltage regulator turned out to be the winner!
So Fran gave me that ride home, while Bev texted me to just make some moves on her! We had a too short conversation and she asked me if I'd like to get a massage with her at these other hot springs, and then sip champagne. I'm gonna push her to just make plans, book it and I'll go!
She came into the house and got to meet all the cats. I gave her some food I made to take home and she admired my decorations.
Jojo and I finished watching the Haunting of Bly Manor..such a pretty and sad love story. For some reason I kept smelling Fran around me, for maybe a half hour straight. Sometimes I do that and wonder if they are thinking of me, and well Fran..she can do more than that in the astral realm who knows.
I'm still bleeding and my mom is yelling at me to go see a doctor, but I just don't want to!



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