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11:49 p.m. - 2020-10-12
I can't remember what I wanted to write about.. weird.

Tonight was a mess after I got home from work. My son was in the living room watching tv which is odd for him. He's always in his room, or out running around with his girlfriend, so for him to be home, and have leftovers on the stove for me I knew something was up. It was about this camping trip he had planned for "months" with his girlfriend and her family that he had asked his father about, but he said no, not during a school week. He argued he'd be able to do his online classes at the campground there in Santa Barbara, but his father and I were still uneasy about it.
So he wanted to talk about it with me tonight, and I told him I needed to speak to his girlfriends parents. He got the mom on the phone and she was all reassuring to me the kids would get their school work done, but that they were not going which I was lead on to believe!
So I got my son's father on the phone and we all went back and forth arguing about this. He is two months away from being 18, so we sort of figured what's the point of saying no. His father and I both said there would be no way our parents would have let us do this when we were in high school..but of course there was no online pandemic bullshit going on either. We both admitted that if it were us there would have been a lot of booze and drugs going on, and our son as far as we know is just not into that stuff. I'd expect him to at least smoke weed but I've found no evidence, and he said he has no intention of trying it. He just likes to work, play music and he does ok in school. I just feel like I'm too easy going as a parent and I don't want it to backfire. I don't want him to grow up and blame his problems on me for not giving him enough boundaries.



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