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11:01 p.m. - 2020-10-07
Good times bad times
I've been walking the yard a lot at work this week since it started cooling off. Trying to get in as many steps as I can. Then I went to swim in the hot springs last night afterwork again. I really love swimming, oh and floating too. I swam laps again for nearly an hour. Thing is, at Franklin you never know who will be there. Sometimes I run into people I know which is nice. Other times there are huge Mexican families with dozens of kids running around, or maybe a handful of tourist stopping by for their first time. But last night it was some locals with their small kids, and some drunks. One of them showed up with his girlfriend who was trying to tell some of the other bathers how the government is setting us all up with Covid, and the end of times stuff. I noticed them both as they arrived and they put their stuff down on the chairs right next to mine. The boyfriend was smoking, drinking and "fuck" was is every other I tried to keep my eye on my things as he was standing over them. Then as expected later that evening he gets out at the same time I do and grabs my towel to dry himself off with. They were both like "oh I didn't know it was yours, here have mine it's clean smell it".. I was so pissed but I didn't want to start a fight with a drunk.
What I'd rather do is swim in the morning but they don't open until 7am, and I'm done flying by I'd have to kill and hour. No drunks in the morning, just older folks looking to swim. It's not like that all the time, just never know what to expect in the evening. So I went and bought myself a black towel to take with me when I go at night. That way nobody will see it in the dark and there is no mistaking anything.
Today Francine showed up to work in North county. We didn't really have time to catch up though as we were surrounded by our coworkers.
Oh and then later I went to pick up a new client who turned out to be this woman I had a huge crush on when I drove my "mothership" express bus! After I dropped her for her doctor, I looked up her name and remembered she rode my bus to Cal Poly..she was a World Lit lecturer there, and I always loved the way she dressed. There was just something about her that made me feel happy when I saw her energy was just beautiful.
Anyway, when I went back to pick her up she was having some trouble walking with her canes, and her legs started to give out on her. I supported her while they got her a wheelchair. I could tell she was stressed so I asked her if she remembered me driving the jumbo express bus and she lit up. I told her how I loved all the boots she use to wear, and she said she misses wearing all of them. After we got her to the van she told me she has some weird neurological disorder, it misfires in her brain when she gets stressed, or tired. She said she's been working with the Mayo Clinic, but it's been so slow now because of Covid. She really believes there is a simple explanation for her problem out there, and I hope she is right. She use to be a runner like me and we talked about that, and other things. She said she was really happy to reconnect with me again, and misses all the people that use to ride our bus. So sad, I hope I run into more of them in the future.



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