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12:03 a.m. - 2020-10-04
Ran a pretty good trail today and suprised myself. I didn't know how I'd do as it's been awhile and my foot has been hurting me for some reason really bad. But I put on my cooper socks and my Furushiki barefoot shoes and I was able to run the rocky trails comfortably.
I'm trying so hard to just focus on things that are good for me and that I enjoy doing. The sky is still grey with smoke and the air was not the best to breath today, so I didn't really push myself. All these reminders on how fucked this state is right now!
I'm on edge tonight and the sleeping pills are not kicking in. Some dude has been driving his motorbike past my house honking for the past two years..well since we bought the house. At first he'd just toot and I figured he probably knows one of the neighbors. In the winter I don't hear it as much with all the windows closed. But this summer it's been getting he honks the entire time, like 10 times in a row driving by and I have no fucking idea why! It's really pissing me off! Bev says I shoot hide and get him with my pellet gun. I told her I want to pull out and follow him to where he lives and get his address and license, but she thinks he'd outrun me. I don't know what to do. I know a few sheriffs I should probably ask for advice.
I told Bev this reminds me of when I was like my late teens and my best friend Andy and a few of his guy friends were mad over getting dumped by their girlfriends. So they thought it was funny to drive by their apartments late at night on the way home from the bars honking to startle them.
Well I knew the girls as we were friends..and in fact I ended up dating one of them who I'm still friends with today. They were really getting upset over the stupid, juvenile antics of their ex' one foggy night we all got bundled up in our coats and kerchiefs and drove by their homes, and their friend's home honking in one of the girls huge Oldsmobiles! We laughed and thought what a great revenge! The driveby's ended
I know the woman who sold us this house was the daughter of the owner, and she was a bitch of a realtor. After we moved in a sheriff came by to try to serve her papers from somebody!
All I want is for this to and my family do not deserve this!



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