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11:22 p.m. - 2020-09-30
I feel so bad..I slipped out of letter writing mood, and I was planning to write a letter to my friends in Alaska with the parcel money I owe them for the huge box of cranberries they sent. Sometimes it irks me that I get in and out of these productive moods..I just never know what I'll have the drive to do next..
My mags were rough this morning flying. Sometimes I lack the patience to fully clear then before I take off, and I just go anyway knowing it's just me in the plane and I don't need the extra horsepower. Then I get to feel the plane pop until they clear usually about 4,000'.
Another thing I notice is that when my ears equalize pressure I hear a quick change of pitch in the engine which makes me jump. So annoying...
Work has been slow lately, so I end up sitting for hours with the other Runabout drivers talking about our clients, politics, and company stuff.
Martin has been giving us trouble lately. It all started with me over the summer when I'd pick him up from Dialysis. He kept losing control of his electric chair getting stuck on the side of the vehicle ramp. Once he jumped the side and I caught him in the chair, but needed his nurse to pull it off of me! So after writing it up over and over again with the company they made him go back to a manual chair. Now he's gotten really week with so many health problems he can't hold himself up anymore, and slips through the belts, even the posy belt on his chair! But the last thing he did was Monday after I picked him up from dialysis again, he said he was going to be sick. Then he vomited the entire drive back to his care home. I called for help several times on the radio, but they just told me no supervisors were up my way. He was begging me for a I ran in ang got his nurse when I got to the home, and she gave me some gloves (I couldn't find mine) to use to untie his puke covered tie-down straps, then I had her wheel him out. Now everyone paniks when they see his name pop on on our tablet for a pick-up!
I'm frustrated that I can't find a new book to read. I've been reading one called "Messages from water and the universe". It's about experiments done freezing different types of water that had been exposed to different microwave radiation, chemicals or even in some cases negative or positive words. Then the crystals are photographed with amazing results. I wish I had the equipment to experiment like this. It reminds me of my glaciers class when we studied different types of ice at university. The author uses the name "God" a bit much for my liking though. I'm not an atheist, and I believe in that one big energy etc. I just get annoyed when I hear the word repeatedly because it makes me think of church and question how reliable the author of a book is.
It's hot tonight, the over the counter sleeping pills I took a few hours ago aren't as effective as they use to be and I'm worried about being up again..
I really with something or someone new and exciting would pop into my life tomorrow!



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