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10:42 p.m. - 2020-08-26
Long day
Had the weirdest dream last night and wanted to write it down before I forget to...
I saw myself sitting in the back of a C-172 flying with some friends in the 90's. The plane was parked on the ground, and there were four of us inside frozen in time, like a picture. I'm not sure who I was with in the past, or who I was with in the present walking up to the plane to look in. Everyone inside (including my past self) were laughing and having a great time, but of course frozen. My present moment self and the people I was with were all concerned that if the plane comes back into this time and space, the propeller would spin through something solid in front of it and injure all the plane's occupants. So we decided to remove all the people in the plane one at a time. We removed the first guy, and he woke up. There was a priest and some other government type person speaking to him in German, and saying stuff like "welcome back" and whatever his name was. It reminded me of the scene in the old original Close encounters of the third kind when all the people were walking off the space ship, and they were welcoming them and debriefing. Then I remembered the time in the 90's when I was hanging out with all those German exchange student pilots and how we use to goof off, and have fun flying together. Well.. we never got around to taking the old me out of the plane, I woke up before that happened.
Geez, now I can't remember if I dreamt it before I woke up at 4:30am to do my weather flight, or if I dreamt it during my nap after I returned!
Had a long day at work today. I got sent down to AG and had an hour layover I decided to kill time in the Halcyon store again..ugh. I was walking around inside and over heard them saying "your 1pm just canceled, anyone else want a reading??" So of course I said yes.
The lady was ok. Mostly I wanted to know about my health as I'm having menopausal issues. She felt everything was normal, and no need for any health alarms. She kept saying how lucky I was, and I'm surrounded by guides who want to help me should I ask, and just like the last reader to just stay put where I'm at, keep doing what I'm doing for now. She did say that I've let go of something recently and that has opened up more possibilities for me. I think I know what it is she's talking about. I gave up on crushing on a certain someone, and to heck with over it! But I am a little worried because one guy I work with made a comment like "I'll be your boyfriend", and another has been texting me the past two nights. All the men at work hit on me and I don't like men! So now I'll have to bring up the fact I don't date men and hear the usual "what a waist" lines.
God my vacation is not coming fast enough!!!!



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