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11:24 p.m. - 2020-08-18
trip planning
It is so hot again tonight I don't know if I can sleep! I've been doing everything I can to ease myself into sleep.. I stopped eating solid food when I get home from work after 8pm. That is helping my achita. I just started taking homeopathic sleep pills..I make a smoothie using tart cherry juice...oh and I'm starting up walking again right as the sun starts to set as a breeze usually picks up by then, and the temperature dips into the cool 90's!
But I still lay here awake, drowning in my own sweat!
This morning when I flew, I wore a t-shirt and yoga pants and had to open all the vents full. I was expecting a pretty sunrise with all this smoke in the air, but instead it was dull and visibility was poor.
Tonight's sunset however was awesome. I got some nice pictures of it glowing bright orange over Mission San Miguel.
Finally tracked down KT about my constantly shifting plans to vacation in the San Juan Islands. She is putting work first as it's starting to pick up again for her. In a way I understand she doesn't want to turn anything down. But on the other hand I'm bummed because I don't understand why she would want to miss out on a day exploring Friday Harbor with me before I go on my little adventure.. I don't know if it's about money, or there is something else she'd rather do. So I'm just going to make plans for myself like it's only me (which it often is) and if she wants to join me she'll have to fit into my timeframe.
I'm really trying to stay positive about this trip instead of worrying. I got first class roundtrip tickets to SEA for under $300! OK, they did change my departure time on me already, and I had to call to get it switched to an earlier time...but I have to believe this is really going to happen and neither Covid, or BLM will fuck it up!
I've been reading some cheesy murder mystery novels that were written where the story takes place on these islands. I love doing that! I love finding any sort of fiction, or non fiction books on the places I'll be traveling to help get me excited and peak my curiosity.
I better try and close my eyes now...



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