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10:52 p.m. - 2020-05-25
I did it..I signed me and my son up for motorbike riding school at the end of June. Then we went to the gear store, meeting a friend from work who is a well seasoned rider. I bought a jacket, gloves and ordered a helmet for myself. Got my son gloves as well, and told him we can talk about more gear after the class and he decides if it's something he wants to do.
There was not much of gear selection for women, but I get it.
After we went to Garraths house to look at his bikes and he took my son for a ride, then gave him a quick lesson. He looked really good on a bike! I'm so excited to start this new venture..
I've really been enjoying one of my new books "Right use of will", so much that I've ordered a few more books from the series. Will being the feminine emotional side, and spirit being the masculine. It highlights how will has been ignored (and in some cases spirit too ) throughout time on this planet and replaced with denial and judgements against will. It also stresses the importance of excepting your will by uncovering and digging deep into your denials to clear everything so you can be free and authentic. It's a really good read, so happy I found the series.
Bad insomnia last night.. woke up around 2am to hear what I think was a dear tippy toeing outside my window. Then tossed and turn until the last time I read was 4:44am, at which point I quit looking at the clock and just gazed out the window to see the sun come up.
So I made sure to buy another bottle of Zzquil because I don't like the way I feel when I'm so super tired. Not the tired that I could easily fall into a nap from, but the tired when you've been awake so long weird emotions pop up out of nowhere, concentration leaves and the sound of your own voice is something alien. Oh, and also you still feel dirty no matter how many showers you take!
So I think I'll meditate a bit, then hit the sack..another short work week here we come..



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