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11:34 p.m. - 2020-04-20
The sun conjunct Uranus
Sometimes I feel I'd be content just sitting and staring at the air in front of me for hours letting time pass as nothing seems to fun for me as of lately. I laid around all day Saturday as it was grey and cold out, and there went my gardening plans. Sunday I chatted for a tiny bit with J, then made myself drive over to the coast to browse the hardware store I like with the huge garden section. After waiting in line to get in, I tore off my mask once I got outside again as I was so annoyed being outside with all the wonderful floral and beach smells and having to be stifled behind a mask! Put it on again at the grocery store, and of course my favorite taco place was doing take out. I ordered a cup of Albondigas soup and caramel flan to go..wish I got the street poke tacos though..
Since the beach parking lots were all closed I parked with the few others wherever we could then hoofed it through the dunes to walk a few miles on the beach. Not too many people out walking or running. One large family was clustered together in between some rocks, probably thinking they won't get caught there in their tight group.
I could barely get out of bed this morning and didn't have to be to work til 12:30. I felt nauseous and dizzy all morning and decided to head out early to work so I could leave earlier. Then last minute along the way I decided I had enough time to do my headed to the airport. For some reason it does not matter how bad I feel, I always get my shit together in the air. Today it was 2,500 broken, 6,000 overcast, so I punched through some holes to get my readings before diving back down to the runway. If was fun.
At work I only had two usual from her work, and then another from dialysis. Oh man I'd hate to have to go do dialysis every other day like these poor people depend on!
The rest of the day I practiced with my water color pencils in the's not going so well, but it's sort of relaxing. They needed someone to shadow a bus that was maxed out with 10 people on it (thats as many as our company is letting ride right now) so they sent me out to do it. That was fun because I have not driven a bus in nearly a month now, and they are even more fun when you drive them down the freeway passing everyone at 70mph, what the governor is set at..ha!
Found out that I probably won't get my Covid money from the feds for a long time because I have not filed my 2019 taxes. For the past two years I've owed (I was self employed contract worker) $5k each time, so I had it scheduled again with AARP who does them for your for free back in March. Then that all got shut down so I could not get them done, and now that it's been extended a few more months I hope I can get help as mine are complicated. I hate thinking about money..I'm not a Virgo!



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