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10:34 p.m. - 2020-04-13
Mocking bird
So last night after writing here I decided to write out my evening's a new habit I'm trying to get into before bed to set the tone for my sleep and help me feel some peace. Can't remember if I wrote about my mocking bird here or not.. for the past several weeks a mocking bird has been singing down to me from a tree just outside my roof. It's song has been of a great comfort to me while I'm waking up on and off all night. It all started when I began with my evening prayers, and usually continues until sunrise. Some nights it must travel away because I don't hear it. One night I was feeling so locked down and depressed I kept asking out loud where my bird was..the weird thing is that from out of nowhere it started singing to me, and I fell asleep comforted again.
The past couple nights I had not heard a peep..until last night. I started writing my evening prayers, beginning with a sort of dialogue between me and whomever I'm writing to about my self improvement goals and all my weaknesses. Then I flipped the page and started writing/praying for a friend of mine that she will find the answer, the cure to her disease and if there is anyway I can help, let me.. but knowing this is something she needs to do on her own. The mocking bird began to sing again! Just for a few minutes while I wrote about my friend. Then silence for the rest of the night.
Now it's time for bed and I'm all wound up. The bird is singing away outside my window, so that is bringing me some peace. I wish I did not rely on that bottle of Zzquil so much!!
Oh, and they still have not figured out what's been draining my airplane's battery so it sits in the hanger for yet another week...



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