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11:24 p.m. - 2020-04-09
flying dreams
Had a dream the other night...I was at an intersection near my folk's house where I grew up. It was night. For some reason I often dream of this intersection but this I think was the first in which I was there at night. I looked up at the stars and then saw what looked like a huge jet with all sorts of lights around it. At first I was taken by how beautiful it looked so I called my kids father to tell them "Hey can you believe this..there is a 747 flying about 5,000agl headed for Clovis VOR right now.." Then it started to change shape and wobble, and I realized this might be another of my falling jet dreams. So, again on the dream phone "hey, I just realized I'm dreaming about this and I can't wake up..can you make sure the kids are ok because I might not be able to wake up here." And with that things turned back into daytime and I decided to float up and fly to my parents house. I stopped at this house on the corner and thought to myself "oh I remember this house and the first family who lived it it with girls my age. Wishing I could see the inside and thinking it be a shortcut to my parents house, I focused on the fence and being able to pass through it. Then I did it! Next was the house and I floated again through walls to the interior. There was a new family in there and I think they saw me, but I chose to float around and practice passing through walls to get good at it. I don't remember much after that.
I love the rare opportunity to be awake in my dream. But can't believe I thought out loud that I may not be able to wake up! Makes me wish I had another psychic connection with someone close like I had with CC before her psychological condition. Maybe she lost control of it..maybe she just never woke up from her dream..



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