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1:38 p.m. - 2019-09-24
Dreams, busses and fish
So angry with people today and just frustrated in general. I'm tired of people bullshitting me for a free bus ride every day. Even the business class people will lie to me "Oh I forgot my phone".."Oh I can't seem to be able to get wifi to pull up my phone bus pass", or all the inconsiderate food crap they aren't supposed to have and they leave for me to pick up!

I was reading about lucid dreaming and how you should question yourself several times during the day on if your awake or not. One method to be sure is to try and read something. In dreams it is very difficult (at least for me) to read anything clearly..all the letters get scrambled. So last night I had this dream I was trying to send a text to a friend. Auto correct kept kicking in and rearranging the words so it didn't make sense. Then I thought to myself how this happens all the time on my phone when I'm awake, so I can't use it a a reliable method to see if I'm awake or just dreaming!

I'm getting impatient with a new fish tank I made out of a large glass tube. Even with a charcoal filter I can't clear out the tannins or control the algae growth. I'll give it more time, it's just an experiment.

I need to find some herbs or vitamins to chill me out!!



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