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10:34 p.m. - 2018-06-05
never again
Wow a month has passed and I continued to let her do her thing and then she told me she was going back to that ranch again. I got upset and told her why, then she wanted to cool down, but kept flirting and sexting me. Then I questioned her why she was staying at the ranch with the poly woman and when she was leaving or going to talk to me again, and she ignored me for three days straight. Then out of nowhere she text me "looking gorgeous".
I go along with it and called her on the phone, but her voice sounded different to me. I told her I wanted to come up earliar to meet her and see her place and she said it be fine. Then the next day I get this long email saying how she feels smothered and blah about an ex she pushed away for smothering her, and then about the bond with the poly woman, and how she constantly looks at all my pictures and thinks of me day and night, but wants an open relationship or a FWB.

So I told her enough writing in circles call me now.
Then I asked her how I can be smothering her from 500 miles away, and how am I smothering when she is the one to send gifts and message me all the time. Then I flat out asked her if she's fucking that other woman, and she told me they were intimate on this last visit. So I told her we were done, I don't even want a friendship with her. I hung up and texted her what a fucking player slut she is, and that I hope she gets a disease from this woman and ends up all alone what she deserves. And I'm glad my kids never got close with her because they'd soon find out what a pathetic person she was.

I will never again give someone so many chances no matter what my friends advise me! I should have listened to myself to begin with and not kept allowing her to bullshit with me!
I'm going through a hard time in my life now with my job and instability not knowing when this house will sell or where the kids and I will be living next! It's made me weak and vulnerable. I should not have been trying to date because it was so easy for me to get hooked on feeling adored by someone.

At least I feel good knowing I was the one who ended it and telling her to fuck off!



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