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10:18 a.m. - 2018-03-25
Catching up
I swear I go to long without writing here. At least I keep up writing with other friends.
The new floor has been installed and we are getting closer to listing this house and moving on. Half of me is really excited to be free, while the other half is afraid I'll fail at it.
Things at the post office are going bad again, but to be expected. The postmaster is bipolar and goes through these powertrips. She'll be great and your best friend for awhile, then go through manic episodes and try to make everyone's life hell like hers.
I saw a bright orange weasel in a field this week while delivering the mail. I've never seen one before and didn't even know they lived in this county (which I'm still not sure of). Anyway, weasel symbolism means to stay stealthy, secretive and investigate. This makes perfect sense for my job. This week the postmaster left a thick binder of the contract carriers training manual (something I never received a copy of but should have) on her desk as it's obvious she was reading through it. So the other clerk in the office who is onto her, suggested I spend some time in the manual and make copies of whatever I need. And that I did. In it I found info of things the postmaster neglected to do or tell me, and I think now she is trying to look for ways to justify it to keep out of trouble. But what sucks is that I read the USPS says I cannot quit, or just drop my contract without consequences. That I am to subcontract it out, or have a good reason with them to get out of it. This was something i was never informed of when I got the 6 year contract, in fact all I signed was a paper on my duties and the route. I did not even receive all the training I was supposed to. So I may need to consult with an attorney, esp. if I want out of this contract.
Yesterday at work, D'anna was subbing as a clerk, and she told me she hates the post office she transfered to and all the shit she takes there. She says she's been working for USPS for 6 years, working 6 days a week like me and decided enough is enough. She wants a two day weekend and so do I. We've both just become so apathetic to the job, getting shit from your supervisors, some coworkers and the usual stupid customer complaints everyday, 6 days a week! I don't want to spend the next 5 years of my life doing this!
I miss flying a lot. I met Jon who gave me a ride to the airport in his plane, to pick up my plane so I could move it back to my base. He hasn't had much luck looking for other flying gigs either. The two of us always come up with ideas to start some kind of flying service of our own. I wonder if we could do something together as much as we talk about it. We are so much alike in so many ways, both love flying, both geography majors, both love trains and other forms of travel..except one major area that he is very Christian and all into this anti-abortion thing which I cannot relate to at all! I just don't get that, and there is no point in arguing with those conservative types on the issue, they will never change their minds and are so hyper focussed on "saving babies" they fail to see the big picture.
Oh, last weekend I had a soul rescue with a shaman. Her work made sense to me, I mean what she told me that she found. Since then I have been very emotional, and have a lot of anxiety which I wonder if it's from my old parts that went through the trauma are contributing to. I have a phone conference set up with her this Tuesday to discuss this.
Anyway, I love this new coffee I've been buying and need to finish my cup...



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