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9:00 p.m. - 2017-06-05
Wine O
So burnt out today. Had to go to work hung over, something I haven't done in years!
Yesterday I flew with my Indian client. I had a sort of lesson plan for him but he only wanted to fly by Big Sur to check out the mudslide..then got wishy washy and wanted to learn how to do "Swiss turns"...I was all you mean "Dutch rolls?" It's hard to correct Indian clients. I've found they always have to be right about everything..well I'm generalizing but it's just been my experience.
After flying he invited to his tasting room for wine and spice pairings. My homeopathic allergist was working there and surprised me. I guess he also gave her keys to his plane to fly whenever and she went to run it up, but couldn't clear the plug the other day. So I had to give them both lessons on that too.
I was bored so ended up hanging out with them in the tasting room for awhile, then my client had his massage guy go to work on my (he hires one to come into his tasting room) as a barter for me flying with him. I told him I didn't want to charge him because we didn't really do any real training.
Then he invited me up the street to visit his friend's tasting room where we met a group of his Indian friends. It was really awkward. One of them kept talking to me and asking all these personal questions about me and relationships. It was just really awkward and a bit disturbing to me.
Later we walked back to the original tasting room and he insisted I have more wine and conversation. I really didn't notice until too late how drunk I had become, I was so embarrassed!
Probably should not have driven home like that, but I drive all back roads in the country so I took a chance.
Had the worst night trying to sleep, I was so dehydrated which was probably why I got so drunk in the first place. When I woke up I was still off balance and just felt like crap.
I'll never do that again!
So then I get into work and my boss wants to have a word with me. She said she saw me driving back from town last Friday and I'm not suppose to go off the mail route. I told her I needed gas, and she went on saying i should buy a few gas cans for emergency. It pissed me off because she lied. She tracks me on the computer from the GPS in the mail scanner, that's how she keeps track of my whereabouts.
Then after work she was upset because she said one of the other contractors didn't empty the blue box. I changed the subject because that woman works for me sometimes and she told me she had stuff to do on Saturday and didn't want to drive all the way back for the blue box, and had me drop the key inside to look like she emptied it. I covered for her because I need her to work my route if I have to take a day off.
So I don't want her to get me in trouble, I did my job that day and all my mail got to where it needed.
I think I'll take a muscle relaxer to help me fall asleep. I'm way over tired right now...



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