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10:30 a.m. - 2017-05-29
Well I totally blew it this week. I miscalculated my checking and now down to $19 until I get my paycheck. I'm worried it will get delayed because of the holiday and I got two auto bills due this week! I'm planing to use a credit card (which I've been avoiding because I've been trying to only spend cash on things) in which I can pay right off as soon as my paycheck comes. It's just an uncomfortable feeling right now...

Yesterday I took Jojo to the Cactus and succulent show and sale in SLO. That's when I discovered I was broke, but it didn't matter because the plants for sale were super expensive! I love going to the botanical sales and seminars but I noticed they always have this one thing in common... A skinny older man sporting a beard with a small crowd gathered around him while he points and explains everything.
I don't know what it is about skinny older men with beards who are always at the center of these botanical events I go to. The events and plants are different, and so are the old men, but they are always there pointing and gathering small crowds.
I think that even if I totally mastered one particular topic, and went to it's even that I could not see me with a small crowd thirsting for my knowledge. But I can see that even if I did open my mouth and point to say a non-native species of thistle on display, I'd be interrupted by an old skinny man with a beard trying to correct me.
In some ways this bothers me, and I try to dig deep to remember the first time this happened. All I get are feeling of humiliation, and angst surrounding experiences. I guess all I can do to remedy it is to write a comic, or turn it into something funny.
I'm thinking I may hope in the plane today and fly over the mudslide on the one in Big Sur. Everyone keeps posting pictures of it so might as well take some of my own.



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