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7:07 a.m. - 2017-05-11
Had a good time catching up on the phone with KT last night. She really knows how to put things into perspective. Always enjoy someone else who could be so cynical and sarcastic, it's wonderful!
So I've been obsessing over this blanket that was invented and just got funded for production. It is weighted, and they say heavy on you sort of like your being hugged. They say it helps people sleep better, people like me who have sleep issues and prone to anxiety sometimes.
Then I got to thinking how much I enjoy it when they put that metal blanket on you at the dentist before they do x-rays. It always felt comforting.
I don't think the sleeping blankets are that heavy, nor stuffed with metal.
So I was also thinking about all these years I've slept with goose down comforters (or probably just chicken feathers) changing duvet covers. Just recently I packed my winter one away, then a cold snap came in and I threw a wool blanket on top of the sheets and have really been enjoying the weight of it. It's like when I was little and at my grandmothers..she'd pile all these itchy wool blankets on top of me in the winter when it was cold and I loved the way the weight of them felt.
What was I thinking all these years sleeping with light, fluffy downy comforters??? This makes total sense to me. I think I'm going to get rid of them all and just start collecting thicker blankets and quilts until they start production of that one heavy blanket next fall.



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