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9:54 p.m. - 2016-06-14
Wood glue
Just found out my old friend Dean's plane crashed and killed two people on board. He sold it to the pilot who was 90 years old. It crashed into a Hawthorn townhouse.
I gave Dean his last flight review in that plane and he let me fly it. The old Gruman had short wings and you had to be on it constantly.
Work went well..the postmaster called in "sick" no surprises there. So that made our day easier. I was able to finish by 2pm! Then I cased up a bunch more mail for tomorrow.
Deanna and I are tired of dealing with her constant mood swings. We are always walking on eggshells. She really needs to take responsibility for herself. I understand the shock, and pain from what happened, but enough is enough! We're tired of dealing with it!
Afterwork I raced over to the stain glass store to have the woman cut and install some glass into the shadow box art experiment I'm working on. I just ordered a new swivel exacto knife for my paper cutting. There are a few more ideas I've got brewing up...
I'm so pissed that my new carpet order I've been tracking said it arrived but all I got was the carpet pad, and not the carpet! Grrrr!
Stopped in at the hardware store to pick up more glue and walked out with more houseplants and crap for my bathroom.
Worked on that most of the evening. My son and I decided it be a good idea to turn my oversized bathtub into a koi pond! They'd get way more use out of it then I would ever! Lol
The kids leave tomorrow. I'll miss them. But it will do me good to have this time alone. My sister can't come stay with me after all because she has her 3 year old for two weeks. He's obnoxious...
Thursday I am aiming to leave work early and go down to see that gig in Los Olivos with MTG. A nice last minute getaway.
Sunday Rhonda said she'd meet me for "Pride in the Plaza", so at least I'll stay active with my two local playmates.



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