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9:57 p.m. - 2016-06-13
Green goo
I was hyper and on edge today for some reason, and it never left me.
My take off roll at 5:30 am I noticed my airspeed indicator was dead. I went for it anyway, I know the speed per power setting in my plane well enough. But then as I circled over the airport to do my reading, the dang fog started to roll in. I was circling down over RWY 01 to land when a Columbia decided to take off on 19. So I let him out from under me, then set up for my self modified VOR approach, and grabbed my Foreflight! I dove under the 600' layer of fog luckily seeing the runway in time!
Latter at my other job my post master had to call a patron to tell him his mailbox number was not approved by the county. Then she ran out crying again, and came in a half hour latter.
My avionics guy called me and we worked it out for him to come clean out the pitot tube which I knew was filled with a termite nest. Then I called Sal to arrange to meet the mechanic and open the plane. While on the phone with him, and pulling down the mail my postmaster snapped at me to get off the phone because I need to only focus on work. I was so pissed because she is behind on all her stuff not always coming to work because she's upset, or just running out on us all the time.
Anyway, latter after I got back and she left early again, my clerk told me the guy she called on the phone turned out to be a new JW member who started yelling at her he was told never to speak to her etc.
Those people are crazy!
My daughter and cat are staring at me while I type now so I can't concentrate...
Oh well
Oh yeah, the mechanic pulled out a blob of green gooey egg sack from the pitot tube!



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