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11:29 p.m. - 2016-06-11
Peas in Cambria
Tried to hurry up at work today but Deanna and I kept talking, then my mind could not focus because I was thinking too hard about getting off work. Still I managed to meet the 2:30pm mail pick up and didn't have to drive it all the way to town.
Raced home to clean out the Fiat "Scarlet" and meet my friend MTG. But then got stuck behind a hay truck in a line up of 11 other cars going 35mph..the dud would not pull over and everyone was getting mad and trying to give him the finger.
MTG and I had planned to hike but she changed her mind because she just got a facial and didn't want to sweat. So we just went out to eat at Robbin's in Cambria instead. Then we drove to some hotel off Moonstone to listen to a couple who play guitar and cello. the woman had a lovely voice. I kept eyeing the woman behind the bar, so MTG and I sat at the bar to chat with her. MTG always has a lot to say, and they chatted it up about MTG's musician friend from FL looking for gigs out here.
It was just nice, a little eye candy for me but I'm sure she's straight. It doesn't matter, I'm not looking for anyone really. I mean it be nice to have a friends with benefits, but whatever.
Tomorrow I have a day of art planned with my daughter.
Then Monday MTG wants to fly with me in the morning, then go out for breakfast before we both go to our other jobs. She left all her camera equipment in my car tonight which was so odd.
Anyway..don't have much in me for creative writing tonight. I'm better off asleep..maybe.



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