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10:09 p.m. - 2016-06-08
Paid Rhonda today for driving my car so I could throw the mail. It was nice catching up with her..but geez she complains so much about how she can't loose weight. So I'm loading my car with mail and packages while she is sitting inside. Finally I get in and go to take some of my rice snacks I brought along and the bag is empty, she ate them all!
With that I pulled out my pineapple drink and she asked me to pour some in her cup of ice that she just finished drinking a soda or something in. Then latter I'm starving and pull out a chia-fruit bar and offered her some (because it's rude not to) and she ate the other half. And she can't see why she can't loose weight!
The Jeep was done, had a lot of radiator, belt, idle regulator etc. So paid $760 for all of it. I still think it was Jiffy Lubes fault to begin with. I won't go back there for anymore oil changes.
For some reason I'm starting to taste things, I mean get random taste in my mouth. I wouldn't call them cravings, but I can just taste things sometimes. My psychic said that I will be able to do that being so empathic. So of all things I tasted..last night I tasted weed, like I just took a hit off a pipe. Something I really can't do anymore because of work drug test. This at work this morning, I tasted cough syrup. For reals it was like strong cough syrup flavor!
the only thing I can't stand about my empathic ability, is that I don't always know for sure who it's related to. This is something I really want to learn.



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