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9:41 p.m. - 2016-06-07
Silver linings
So yesterday's bad luck did have a silver lining. The Jeep broke it's thermostat, and cracked the radiator. My postmistress tried to help, she loves working on cars. I was just telling Deanna we need to help her to feel important, esp. after leaving that suicide note on the office computer. So helping with my Jeep, then doing part of my mailrun she saved the day, and I know that must have felt good to her.
Now today when we got to work, she called me, Deanna and Brad over to her because she needed to tell us something. She said the reason she's been taking time off, and running in and out crying was because a year ago she slept with a man. Her Jehovah church (or whatever they call themselves) started tormenting her over it, and then outcasted her. Whoever these people were had a real grip on her for her to be this upset and suicidel. So she told us if we notice her start to cry to remind her about her cats, or make her feel important in some way. We all hugged her and told her how important she was to us, and that we are a team together at our little rural post office.
With that in mind, I don't feel as bad about yesterday, but when I see the bill for my Jeep I'm sure I won't be smiling for long!



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