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9:27 p.m. - 2016-06-05
Water bottle
It's been an surprising weekend.
Went to SLO after my weekly spiritual consultation. Did not have cash to spend since they put a forward date on my paycheck, and my other paycheck is late as usual. Rhonda didn't feel well enough to meet me, so little Jo and I went to Sears to check out beds. I'd been pricing and comparing them all week so I really had a good idea of what I wanted and what I wanted to spend. When we got there I told the guy, and he had exactly what I wanted, everything just lined up for me. It's a memory foam plush mattress on a controllable base. It comes with a remote to change the positions and actually has some vibrating massage I doubt I'll use, except to shake my ass out of bed at 4:30am! It was more then half off because it was refused upon delivery and returned unused. I told him I'll take it if I'm approved for a Sears charge card, and of course I was quickly approved. Little Jo feel asleep on the bed in the store while I was checking out! Lol!
Now I'm thinking about getting rid of my sleigh bed, and designing my own DIY headboard. It's going to be great! I have so many different ideas.
I've been feeling really good lately. I asked my spiritual advisor if she thought it be an ok thing for me to look for a fling or quick romance to get my mind off things and she said absolutely not. I'll end up like J if I do that now, and instead just keep focussing on myself for awhile. Actually I'm ok with that. I've been having so many ideas lately that I'd rather use the space in my brain enjoying my own creativity now, instead of worrying or fussing over someone else.
When I'm ready, I'll know I'll find someone good, or maybe J will have her head together and we can sort things out. But for now I'm good with just taking care of me.
My spiritualist said now that I have been on an upswing more people will be entering my life. So I hope to make new friends. Told her things are going well at work, and I'm becoming good friends with my co-workers. she said that is because I'm become rooted where as before I was drifting and floating not knowing anything.
I've been drinking water almost non stop all day, trying to hydrate myself before another work week in the heat. I'm sure I'll be up all night peeing though..



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