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10:37 p.m. - 2016-06-02
terror is, ummm..
Have a horrible headache tonight and again it's like 75° in my bedroom tonight.
Still researching new mattresses. I'd really like to splurge on one of those remote adjustable, memory foam ones from Relax the Back. It be a very big investment, but man I can only dream of a perfect nights sleep at this point!
My cat Nimmy is really sick. He still has that abscess on his tail, and now he's congested. Merty is getting another cough which the vet said would come back because of some teeth problems. Why do all the indoor cats get sick, and the outside ones stay healthy??
Can't believe USPS dated my paycheck a week away. No wonder my debit card was declined as the check won't clear until next week. WTF???
Hopefully I'll get state contract check soon so I can go shopping this weekend.
I've been feeling like writing again, but just have not made time for it lately. But I do feel my creativity is coming back and I need to make time to take advantage of it before it hops the next train out of here!
My friend's son just got 1 year in prison, and 5 years probation for a school prank he played a year ago. He lost his scholarship to MIT and his dreams. His mom (my PC12 captain I sometimes copilot with) had a nervous breakdown over it.
I told my son and his best pal don't even think about pulling any teenage pranks like that. All this terrorism bullcrap will have you locked up for good.
Wish I could write her, but I can't. I can only pray for her, pray for us. That's all I can do to try and hold on.



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