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6:45 a.m. - 2016-05-23
The crimson sun
It was an orange moon last night, and a red sunrise. Temps were weird this morning. The inversion was super high.
Shoot, Jo's pony coach just texted me a reminder that she has a lesson today and I need to buy a new group of lesson$.
I hope mail isn't too bad today, I have all this running around to do after work now.
My moon is late and I'm totally frustrated. At least I get two days off at the end of this week, instead of the usual only one.
Listened to Signal Hill this morning and started feeling my old job, missing those days a lot.
Ended up throwing out two Hefty bags of old clothes and a ton of other crap I don't need all from my bedroom yesterday. I feel a lot lighter. I just wish Sal would get the rest of his clothes out of my closet. I did this to "The life changing magic of tidying up". The author suggested touching everything and only keeping what you love. Then what I really liked was her suggestion for hanging clothes in the closet. I've always hung them by matching colors. But she suggest you put the heavy, and long clothes on the left, while the lighter clothes are to the right so it looks almost like an incline. I did it and actually it feels a lot better. Also, I always rolled my socks up in tight balls, but she suggested folding them in thirds so they are not in a state of tension which stretches the top out, so you'd get saggy socks. I actually have more space in my drawer this way.
This book is Japanese, but a lot of the ideas seem to be based on Feng Shui.
Chatted with a distant new friend and traded some written word with her yesterday evening. I'm waiting for a new story to pop into my head, I hope this exchange gives me a little push.
I don't know what's going to happen for the next 6 years I'm stuck here. There has got to be something more.



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