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7:08 a.m. - 2016-05-16
another week
I'm not in the best mood today, not mad, but just not in a great mood. Think I'm pmsing.
I just had a dream that I went to the doctor and he told me I need to watch my blood sugar, then suggested massage.
Then I had a dream I went to feed the cats and one of the outside cat's "Owl" was there, along with a big bunny rabbit. When I got up to make coffee, Owl was there..I never see her in the morning. But unfortunately no bunny.
Foggy again this morning so no flying. But Steph texted me she's ready to go with me, so I feel like having some fun with her. I enjoy her company a lot, she's very inspiring.
My poor sister had to go to hospital last night because her eardrum ruptured. Both she and I have so much ear trouble, a lot of this is due to allergies. When you live somewhere too long you become allergic to the place. I can't wait to finish my time here then move on.
My heeler said I should not move out of this house so quickly for the sake of the kids. Also to get a financial planner (which I knew already) and my lawyer as she thinks there was some embezzlement, which I know he tried. But she said for now I'm safe here, and I should not make any big decisions which is fine with me.
She did think my idea of building another house on this property, one for me, one for him might work.
My son just taught me about this thing called "cosplay" where you get dressed in a costume, mostly Japanese anime. It doesn't have to be Halloween anymore.
Shit, I need to pray for energy to get through this week. I'm not in the best mood, have to meet with my atty tomorrow, then shrink latter in the evening. My son has a drum recital on Thursday. Another week of running around!
Shit I just remembered I need to get gas!



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