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11:00 a.m. - 2016-05-15
Peony..because I love to say it over and over
Slept well, but woke up feeling like a sand bag. My body is so full of fatigue right now. I know I should wash the car, and clean out the stink in the fridge but I'm too tired to do that.
Also I don't feel like driving. I think I'm going to have Sal do some driving today and just try to be friends a little with him. I just don't want him to get any ideas we are getting back together.
I think I should contact Jenna about doing some private yoga sessions with her perhaps after work. I think that would be very restorative on my body, and mind actually.
I just ordered this a graphic novel "Are you my mother" from Amazon. I love my Sunday book reviews from Brain Pickings. Iook forward to reading their recommends every week. Though the last book I ordered on audio was a bit too cerebral for me. Those type of books need to be read a little at a time, and not attempted to be absorbed in a moving car while delivering mail!
I need to work on some new creative project. I'm just wondering which direction to take in expression. Through drawing, words or some other project.
J reached out to me a bit last night and it warmed my heart. I have unconditional love for her, and I feel the same coming from her as well. Not sure why I need her in my life so much, despite what we put each other through..I'll always love her.
Anyway, I need to stop listening to the clock tick away...counting down the hours until back to work. I need to be fully present in my space, in this moment to enjoy it.



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