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12:03 a.m. - 2016-05-15
What a long day. After all my deliveries I stopped at a different sushi place to get a quick bite before meeting my folk's for my son's play. Some weird guy on a bike came in and tried to order sushi take out, then argued over the price or something and told them he changed his mine and he'll go to the other sushi place. It just reminded me I'm not the only one bothered at work by asshats.
My son's play was great, he didn't miss a line like some of the other kids. He actually projected his voice, I was truly blown away! He's wanting to get more involved in theatre, and I'd like to send him to some sort of camp with a real stage. I can't believe this town Atascadero was founded as an artist colony and there is no descent stage in the entire city. Actually I can't think of one in the entire odd!
Jojo is sleeping at the hotel with my parents tonight. She looked forward to it all week.
So I have the bed to myself and I threw in my body pillow, because I want to be held tight in my octopus arms.
God I miss her, miss her so much.
Tomorrow my one day off, I see my spiritual heeler at some point, and the rest I think I entertain my folks.
Better try and sleep..need to write in the morning.



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