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9:33 p.m. - 2016-05-13
trailers in the wind
Back late again from work and running errands, so my bills will have to wait again.
I was so tired, sitting here nodding off, so I poured a glass of wine which usually wakes me.
Nimmy's abscess is bleeding and Sal wants me to take him in or something tomorrow around my work and bringing Rocco to his play. I don't think he's thinking rationally.
Today 7765 Rocky Canyon wrote in a complaint about how I shoved her package of pills into the box with part of it hanging out where it could get stollen. Then she complained about my boss. So I'm not going to deliver her pills to her anymore. All I deliver are pills..tons of them everyday! If I needed medicine I'd go to a pharmacy in case it get's lost in the mail which happens often.
I'm going to make a large sticker for my dashboard, actually one for the office too that reads "Don't take it personally"..something I have to remind myself of over and over.
Everyday I feel a little bit better..but then I'll have a nightmare and realize my subconscious is still thinking away.
I bought a small journal with black pages, along with a metallic gold pen to write in it. I thought I'd start a "gratitude" journal with my daughter in which we can both write in before we go to bed.
My folk's will be here tomorrow. They will stay at a hotel and take my daughter one night with them. They don't feel comfortable here with the divorce/roomate situation.
Sometimes I think about buying one of those tiny houses and just living in that on the property. But all the dang furniture is mine in this house! I miss my tiny cabin in AK. I had everything all in one small space which meant I could not accumulate so much stuff. I spent my money (what little I had in college) on doing stuff outside.
I've been pondering the idea of purchasing a sailboat, or going in on one with someone. I really like being out on the ocean. But it's been so long since I took my sailing certification..might be fun learning all over again. It be really neat to just sleep in the boat! I love the feeling of being rocked. Like when we lived in a trailer out here with all the howling wind constantly moving us around.
I should just go to bed, I can't finish this glass of wine tonight.



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