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7:07 a.m. - 2016-05-13
Giving myself away
I decided to write first thing in the morning before my conscious becomes clouded by other's thoughts, and situations of the day. Then again to clear my mind in the evening before bed.
Had my forgotten apartment dream last night. This time I was visiting with a friend from Ukraine who had a studio apartment in "The Nelson" where I use to have a really nice apartment alone in college. In the dream I realized that my old apartment was upstairs, and that I had been paying for it still after all these years it was empty. I began worrying about what the fridge would be like when I opened it!
Then I had another dream I was with my daughter and we took Amtrak to the beach (does not make sense). MTG was there and she just got done swimming in the ocean. My daughter and I were going to, but had to get back.
Then there was this stollen bike I found, and was contemplating keeping it, or turning it in to the police so they could give it back to the owner. In the end I decided to turn it in, but could not get in touch with the cops or something.
Then I was driving to my therapist appointment and a truck nearly ran me off the road. My car turned into pieces of cardboard that I was sliding along the street with like it was a skateboard. I made a turn down this one narrow street where there was a bypass shortcut I needed to take. In the dream I remembered J and I drove that same road together and I started crying uncontrollably. When will these crying dreams stop?????
There is a stink bug crawling across my dining room floor...lovely.
Two more days of work until I can sleep in. It was foggy again today so I could not fly. But I'm so run down that I welcome the extra sleep. Just my paycheck is going to hurt in June. Wish Steph would call for a Saturday overnighter trip. That help a lot!
Shoot I was suppose to be paying bills this morning! When will I ever get caught up??? Jojo goes to pony club after I get done with work, then I have to pick up Rocco from his play at 7. Maybe I'll take them both out to eat, so I can hurry home and back to bed again for work tomorrow. Something has got to give, something other then me all the time!



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