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7:09 a.m. - 2016-05-12
stuck on a cliff
Couldn't fly again this morning because of the fog. It's still hard getting up without my wake up text from J, and our morning phone call after the flight. But need to put that to the back of my mind.
When the alarm goes off for the final time to get out of bed, I'm so tired I start dreaming with my eyes open now.
This house has become invaded by earwigs and I'm so disgusted. Pest control guys come this week. All the mailboxes I open are crawling with earwigs so I just throw the mail inside and quickly leave.
There is this one annoying man who was good friends with the woman I replaced. He phones in to complain if I mis throw mail that goes in the box next to his. I think he just glued his mailbox shut now. The ironic thing is that he is our town's Santa Claus every year. Gonna fill his box with coal!
I need to make a list of things I need to do, bills I need to pay etc. I'm so behind on everything because I'm either at work, running errands for the kids, or trying to decompress.
Rhonda texted me yesturday. I really miss running with her, then going to Carlocks bakery afterwards. God I haven't done a thing with any of my friends for awhile. MTG is out of state on vacation for a month. Steph is sick, but wants to go for an evening flight. My other Steph is upgrading, and flying who knows where in the world...she's the biggest workaholic I know. But her health and well being has suffered so much. I hope to do another flight with her and get in trouble again. Last time we flew a 3 day trip to NV and she decided we should go offroading in the snow in some little Honda to look at some property for sale. We broke through the ice and had to walk like 3 miles in the snow to get rescued by some cowboys on horseback! It's always a crazy adventure with her.
That's what I need I think. I need to go for a hike, then get stuck in some survival experience. That might wake my ass up so i can appreciate things again.



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