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10:04 p.m. - 2016-05-09
Paso killer
My dear old friend from high school Cortney is on my mind tonight. I wrote about her here a few times. She was the one who told me she met her girlfriend on this forum for married bi women. So I joined up and began my adventure back into the world of women. We also shared are stories of opium addictions, and traded countless poems and short stories. The last time I saw her was last September. She had just moved in with her folks in Paso after getting out of rehab again. I hung out with her folks while she got ready. Her mom was like Edith from all in the family. That night I was going to fly Cortney to SLO for dinner, and her mom goes "now is this a safe idea, we have children in the family" and Cortney and I laughed! We've kept in touch on and off since then.
But Saturday night I had a burning desire to get in touch with her, so I texted her. For some reason the message went but was not delivered. Then on Sunday, Mother's Day she posted a police report on FB. She was with her mother and sister in Clovis when her sister's ex husband stopped by to pick up some belongings. He stabbed her mother and sister to death, and she escaped across the street to phone for help.
I'm very worried about her. She's gone through so much in her life, and her poor children are with her ex husband in NY.
The murder escaped and made his way here to Paso, where he's at large.
I wish I could help her, I really wish I could.
I don't know how I will sleep tonight...



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