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7:06 a.m. - 2016-05-09
Dreams and false alarms
It was Foggy this morning so couldn't fly. I really was too tired anyway. Not ready for another week of the rat race.
I had some strange dreams. One I was flying at night, but I'm not sure it was really me..I mean I was sort of observing some other girl flying, but then it turn to me at times. Anyway, it was pitch black and they cleared me to FL200, which does not make sense as my recipt engine won't go that high. Then it was hard to breath and I could not see inside the cockpit either, so I asked for lower and declared an emergency. The controller cleared me down to 10,000ft and told me Fairbanks was ahead on my left. I was wondering how I got from CA to AK, but next thing that happened was I was treading water in a a freezing river, trying to climb out of the ice.
Then right before I woke up for the 5th or so time, the last time I woke up I had a dream I was back in AK going for a ride in the back seat of a car on a snowy road. There was an native man talking to me from the front seat, but I don't remember what we were talking about, or who was driving. It was peaceful at first, and I thought about driving back up to Inuvik again...the furthest road going North.
Then J was in the back seat with me. She was breaking up with me again. I was planning on driving her to Inuvik with me, but then realized it was a journey I'd be taking alone.
Instantly I was at my parents house, and I texted J to say I made it back ok, but never heard back from her. Then I was driving a car and had to get back home to send her another message asking her to explain, but I couldn't get back so I started screaming and crying "perche, perche, perche!"
Great way to start my day!

I guess I should set an intention for this week. My intention is to remove another layer of doubt from my being, like lifting a lace veil off my face.
Also, to pay a few bills, write my invoice, call my student loan people and write out a grocery list..ha!



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