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10:52 p.m. - 2015-07-07
another breakup
Well after 2 months of constant email, texting, and several weeks of dinners, and hanging out it's over. She started getting cold feet and projecting all the failures she's had with her ex girlfriends on me. I stood my ground, threw it back at her but was not mean. She apologized and told me she has too many issues and cannot have a romantic relationship with anyone else other then her boyfriend she's totally dependent on. Even tough thats what she wanted from the get go.
I just can't understand why women keep leading me on, then get cold feet and split. Most of them all want to remain friends, because they love and need my friendship..just not me.
Everything was going so well, she wanted us to take our time because she wanted this to work out without her flipping out and running. But even though I did not pressure her, and was fine with it, she still flipped out, self fulfilling prophecy.
What sucks is that my daughter loves her, my husband really likes her and her boyfriend and I'm going to have to make something up to explain why we're not all getting together anymore.
She does have a lot of issues, plus smokes too much dope all day long to cover them up. But we worked well together, and I did enjoy writing her. But now she is so lost in her therapy and dealing with all her family and emotional problems she's neglected, probably because she's been too high to face them.
Told her I hope she gets the help she needs and if she does and want to try again in the future then to give me a call.
I'm so hurt and let down yet again.
I have nothing to look forward to.
I wake up at 4:30am for my morning flight. After I take all the temps, I'd throttle back gently and fly over her house so she might hear me if she was awake. She liked me to do that. Now, now I'll do my flight and take readings on the North end of the county.
Am I just too nice, too sweet, too good for people? Or is it that all women I meet now are emotional wrecks and somehow they are drawn to my stability?
I reopened my OKC account. My husband and I will focus on fixing up the house while the kids are away at their grandparents. We can't afford a vacation again thanks to the IRS, so maybe do a short roadtrip, then do some more work around the house.
Nothing left..



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