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10:28 p.m. - 2015-01-29
bad brakes?
I've been running a lot lately, glad Rhonda and I are friends again but I still don't totally trust her..
Sal hooked me up with a job flying right seat in a PC-12 this weekend! I really hope this works out. It was just the day before I was walking on the beach during the sunset, because it helps clear my head. I looked into the setting sun and wished so hard for work to some my way, then the next day from out of nowhere their chief pilot phoned me asking if I'd fly to a ski resort with her to drop off, then pick up a family.
Still waiting for the little state job to come up for be nice to fly both jobs as I got a look at one of our credit card bills today. $19k! I don't know how that happened as it's not my card and the interest rate is like 12%, so we're not really making a dent in it with all the interest we owe. I don't know what else to do other then sell everything and live in a tent.
I'm so pms'd today! I went with Sal to pick up our son and on the way back the Jeep felt like it was dragging and sounded different. When we got home, the rear brakes were super hot and stunk. I need the car tomorrow so no time to do them ourselves so we made an appointment for tomorrow morning. Then I had to drive the kids back to school for their Spaghetti fund raising talent show, which I had to ditch early to pick up the kitten who just got fixed at the vet. I drove really slow and just put it in 2nd going down the hills.
Picked her up and of course they charged me $35 for earmite treatment I could have done myself. Everytime I go to the vets they tack on so many little things, nickle and diming me as if I were made of money! By the time I got to my yoga/ballet class I realized I forgot my yoga mat again and said fuck it..I'm going home.
Drove conservatively home, got out to feel and smell the back tires and they were normal!
So called Sal and he thinks he may have driven with the parking brake on..grrr!
Shan has been distant lately and of course it worries me because I can't see her face or know whats going on...there really is just nothing I can do but wait to hear from her. It's hard to try and put it at the back of my mind because really it hurts. Just try and think of other things and hope for good news.



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