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11:08 p.m. - 2015-01-05
New Years
Well another year begins much the same as it did for me last year..jobless and longing.
I do hope I win the bid for the air quality board flying gig, but it won't start until March. My first unemployment payment was pitiful! All that work filling out papers and trying to reach them for a check I could easily make off a garage sale!
I bought tickets to Australia for Sal and I with the money I made off our plane lease.
I cannot wait to meet Shan for the first time. I'm trying to stop my mind from worrying things will fall apart last minute. I need to face my fears! Something similar must have happened to me in my past but I just can't remember when...
We're almost nothing alike, but we are so important in each others lives now for whatever reason. I guess you can't go wrong with loving no matter how things turn out over time. Now is all that matters.



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