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7:44 p.m. - 2014-11-09
Been awhile yet again since I've written anything here. Everything was going was moving right along, bills were getting paid, met someone online (half a world away from me of course). Then my boss calls and tells me we lost our contract with the main doctor we provide service for, and they are selling the plane.
Shit, I can't write now the kids keep interupting, Sal is getting irritated because I walked out of the room and not sitting staring at the damn tv with him.
I'm tired of keeping everything all bottled up, pretending nothing is upsetting me.
I got two weeks to work on scholarship applications, and beg people to write me letters of recommendation in hopes I can get some sort of type rating or money for my ATP.
I'm flying my plane this week for work because the other plane is broke and offline anyway. The wx is shity in the valley this week. Lots of fog and my plane is just ok with ifr. So I'm a bit nervous about that as well.
Had a date with a gal I met online yesterday. We had a lot of fun at that old Stagecoauch Saloon looking for ghost. She got a little carried away trying to bust into this cabin out back, but I stopped her. No sparks between us, but she'll make a fun friend.
My heart always cries for the ones who don't want me the same way back.



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