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8:20 a.m. - 2014-10-02
start of another month
8:20 and we arrived at the Ridgecrest office on time. Kim is sick and I hope I don't catch it. Trying to make my descents slow so I don't hurt her ears or head. The doctor has been complaining all morning, once again over stupid things...trying to come up with a way he can sleep in 15 minutes and make Kim work faster. When he starts going off I stand behind him and mimic him for Kim to see, just to keep her from snapping.
Can't wait to visit CD for the weekend! Had lunch with Sal yesterday and he admitted he's jealous and bitter over me. Told him he better fix that. He wasn't going to tell me where he was taking off to for the weekend, but finally admitted he was off to visit his friends in LAS. I really hope he has a good trip and realizes we can still have fun apart, and that his friends are important too. He told me that all he needs are me and the kids, but I'm different and he has to deal with it.
He wasn't like this before, I don't know whats gotten into him.
Met someone online that is very special to me right now. She's so far away, but thinking of her keeps my heart warm. I hope to hang onto her, and plan on saving for a visit.



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