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10:20 p.m. - 2014-09-08
Flying away
Finnally figured out who has been snooping in my laptop while I'm husband.
The sad thing is, I'm not doing anything wrong for him to be concerned over! Really, I wish I was doing something naughty, but I'm not.
So from out of the blue, CD calls me up to talk and I tell her I've been having marriage issues and I'm just about done here. She said she's ready for a complete change in lifestyle and wants us to move in together. That really surprised me. But with that in mind, I decided it was time to fuck it all and go visit her. For years I kept saying I would and then there was always him. He always wants to be included, so I put it off. Another thing, I never really had the money of my own to do any travel until I got this job. I feel like even though he likes having the extra income, he resents my interdependency.
So I don't care, I'm tired of not having my own life and being able to do what I want. So I'm going.
We'll see what develops when I get there.



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