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9:39 p.m. - 2014-08-18
fires inside
Been anxious all day. Had to deal with computer tech support to install the company planes GPS update. I knew I'd be on the phone all morning trying to figure out why it wouldn't install. Finally after maybe an hour I got it installed, just in time to find out I have the wrong update device for the card! Now they have to send out a new one.
No word from my new friend who is on a mini-trip with her husband for a few days. I wished her well and hope she gets her thoughts back together, but I'm still nervous not hearing from her. My head says not to worry, but my heart won't listen. You get so use to hearing from somebody every day, then all of a sudden they start to disappear, and it hurts too much to let go.
I don't want to dwell on my longing for a girlfriend. I don't want to listen to any familiar music either because it might remind me of things I want to forget.
Kim from work texted me a picture this evening of a wildfire her husband is fighting, along our flight path over the mountains we'll be flying through tomorrow. I hope it won't be too dark and smokey up there.
That's it, if I can't sleep in this bed tonight I'll sleep in my new recliner in the living room. I'm mad I have to take back all the underwear I just swapped at Victoria Secret for a larger ass is still too big! I only weigh 112lbs, I'm petite so I don't get it...



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