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10:46 p.m. - 2014-08-15
I'm back again
It must have been since March since I've last updated this. So much has happened...
I got pretty wrapped up in that bi-sexual website. Made so many new friends, had some cyber sex (I needed it) with a few nice gals I no longer chat with. Felt a lot of love and bonded with other women in the same situation as me. So, that's where I have been doing most of my writing. But for some reason I felt compelled to start writing here again.
So I got a new job back in June. It was really odd, I just happened to type "pilot" on Craigslist and this one came up. Who the heck advertises for pilots on Craigslist???
So I've been flying a doctor and radiation technician to v arias airports to treat people with skin cancer. I use to have to commute to Bakersfield in my own plane, then swap into the company plane to do the runs. But, they decided to just give me the company plane to commute with, and now I have it at an airport 10 miles away from me making life much easier for me.
The job I think was just what I needed. It pushed me out of my rut, and earned me my confidence back. I started doing a lot of ifr things I never got to do all on my own. It really pushed me into handling scary situations with weather all on my own. The plane is a souped up C-182 with a nice Garmin 530 gps and auto pilot.
Work waxes and wanes with the amount of patients they treat so that is the major downside. Work has slowed down, when I'd like it to pick up. My plan is to continue with it for up to a year, but if it is more slow I might start applying for other flying jobs sooner.
I'll be writing a lot more about my flights and all the fun stuff I've been up to in the desert.
So I've met a few people off that bi website and it is great to make so many new friends. It just feels so good to relate to these women. I'd been writing with one in particular lately and we met a few days ago at a location halfway between our two cities.
I wish I would have told Sal I was just going to work... the morning I left to meet her I kissed him goodbye and then noticed he took off his wedding ring and placed it on my nightstand for me to see. I've gone through his insecure crap before and here we go again!
But it felt so good, I felt so free to drive alone and meet her on the beach. It was so exciting waiting for her, and then finally getting to hug her for the first time. What was cool was there were dolphins jumping and playing in the water while we sat on the beach...I've never seen that before!
We had breakfast and strolled through the many shops looking at art. I think I was my usual quiet self, so it was nice she did most of the talking.
Latter we visited a new spa together where we both wished we arrived earlier to spend more time.
She's so soft, so curvy and beautiful, she's really special. I love the way her energy feels, I just want to hold her.
Days following I've been feeling vulnerable and unsure of myself. I wonder what she felt, and hope her experience was a good as mine. I've had enough heartache for the year, I want a woman who will feel the same for me as I do them. For some reason I keep trying, and searching, and trying. Got to be getting closer, I just got to be!



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