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3:51 p.m. - 2014-03-24
throw down a life vest
Don't even remember the last entry I made.
I've decided to drop my crush on J as it's getting nowhere and she's so infatuated with a man old enough to be her grandpa that it's just really turned me off to her.
I've discovered there are so many other women out there looking for other women, and many without emotional garbage to deal with!
I've been doing a lot of writing on a forum just for that. Most of the women there are also bi and married, so I've found a community to take sanctuary in.
We found out that my father has a rare form of blood disease and needs to start aggressive chemo soon. This is going to take a toll on the family but we'll get through it.
I still have not been able to sit in my study room ever since I bombed that phone job interview I did in there. I'm not sure how I should tackle this, I mean I need to get in there and study for that damn test and get it over with! I've tried burning sage in there, and I know this is all in my head, I need to face these demons of mine, just haven't figured out my battle plan yet.
I've been using my usual coping mechanism "escape" a lot lately. I've repainted my room, and worked on everything but what I should. Our post box is filled with new medical bills from my shoulder accident... everyday another fucking bill I'm drowning! I just don't want to think of it.



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