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9:38 p.m. - 2014-03-06
I was just thinking how if there was a pill to take that would make you blind for only one week, I'd take it. I'd love to feel my way around my world, just for a week...amp up my sense of touch. I'd walk barefoot everywhere. I'd like to meet new people an guess what they look like while listening to their voices.
Got my hair done this morning with a new hairdresser I picked out. He's really expensive, but he and his husband own the salon and I decided i wanted the best and I wanted to have a gay man make me feel good again. I love being around gay people, it's so refreshing! So normal!
Posted on FB that I gave up smiling for lent. J seemed shocked. She liked most of my post again.
Went to bed early last night after getting drunk. Woke up at 3am with the worst cramps ever, the pain was unbearable. Took some Motrin which did nothing. So waited until about 6am, then took my last Percocet and finally got some relief. Just enough to fall asleep an hour before the alarm went off again.
If I did smile at all today it was forced. Who cares anyway???
I miss her, the her I want to miss. The girl I imagine loves me too.
Drinking and listening to Nurse with Wound tonight... so I'm again in one of those moods.



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